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Ronan Group Renewables has been investing in and developing some of Ireland’s most ambitious wind farm projects since the mid 90’s. 

Today Ronan Group Renewables are responsible for 200MW directly and indirectly of installed capacity across its on shore assets. 

“From our onshore operations alone we are delivering clean energy to thousands of homes across Ireland saving hundreds of thousands of tonnes of Co2’s from emanating into the environment”, says Conor Ronan founder of the company. 

The company has a proven track record from land acquisition to development and working with the community and stakeholders to deliver successful projects to the grid. 

  • Site sourcing and procurement
  • Site Investigations, access roadway and site road design
  • Topographical assessment
  • Managing site wind regime assessment
  • Optimisation of turbine generator locations
  • Selection of the most suitable grid connectivity
  • Negotiating consents with stakeholders on access, wayleaves and rights of way
  • Preparation of planning application and drawings
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Consultation with Local Authority and Government Departments
  • Consultation with forestry interests, local landowners and residents groups
  • Public Consultation
  • Assisting with Media Public Relations

Onshore Projects

Wind turbines at Arigna Wind Farm

Arigna Wind Farm

The Arigna Wind Farm was one of the first developed by Ronan Group Renewables which paved the way in making an area renowned for mining coal into one of the rural pioneers in renewables.

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Corkermore – Phase 1

Commissioned in 2011 the Corkermore Phase 1 development saw Ronan Group Renewables develop long standing relationships with local community members and landowners.

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Corkermore – Phase 2

Developed as part of the Gate 2 process, Corkermore Phase 2 extended the scope of the project working with the local community and landowners.

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Commissioned in 2016 in South East Donegal the Croaghnameel wind farm development built on relationships and knowledge of the area to transform isolated bog land into a high performing wind farm.

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Drumlough Hill – Phase 1

Situated in one of Ireland’s most northern locations the Drumlough Hill wind farm has some of the best and most consistent wind speeds in the county. Sometimes known as ‘Beam Hill’ the site was again one of the early pioneers when developed in 1997.

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Aerial shot of turbine farm in Northern Ireland

Drumlough Hill – Phase 2

This expansion of the Drumlough Hill site exemplifies Ronan Group Renewables ethos of maximising sites while respecting their sensitivities. The continued investment in the site saw the extension coming on stream in 2010 and serving the equivalent of over 6,000 houses with clean energy.

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Geevagh Sligo

Ronan Group Renewables was one of the first developers to invest in this cross roads of the three counties of Leitrim Rosscommon and Sligo where traditional turf cutting had been the energy source for generations. This six turbine site is located on Carrane Hill Bog.

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Happy engineer sits on top of wind turbine

Meenadreen – Phase 1

Ireland’s largest onshore wind farm at the time of commissioning and Ronan Group Renewables were delighted to have been involved.

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Panorama landscape of windmills in Boggeragh, Cork

Meenadreen – Phase 2

Phase two of the project saw very significant investment in the 90 MW project and Ronan Group Renewables maximise the benefits of the area while working with local landowners and interests.

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