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Forestry, the original Renewable resource, has a big place in the heritage of Ronan Group Renewables.

Sun shining through green forest

30 years ago the founder of the group began investing in forestry as part of his private assets. Now thousands of acres across multiple plantations are part of the portfolio.

Ireland has an ideal climate for forestry with one of the fastest growth rates of trees in Europe helping to reduce climate change effects.

Irish forest cover has grown from 1% to 11.5% and continues to develop, Ronan Group Renewables is proud to be part of this sustainable and renewable industry for the last 30 years and many years ahead.

The Future of Forestry

The Irish forestry sector remains vibrant in these challenging times with Coillte anticipating growth of managed forest lands to double in the years ahead.

Timber from Irish forest is the backbone of an important export market with Irish timber being used in over 30 countries worldwide in a wide range of products.

Did you know

  • Forestry is a growth industry in Ireland, contributing €2.3bn to GDP annually
  • Exports of forest products from Ireland were valued in excess of €355 million and growing
  • Forestry provides stable and predictable returns in times of economic volatility
  • Planting is grant aided providing income for 15 years
  • Secure Land based investment
  • Good synergies with other renewable investment opportunities
  • Adds value to poor quality agricultural land
  • Farmers retain single farm payment benefits
  • The forest premium and timber income are free from income tax.

Ritz Carlton Biomass

Following the energy cycle from forest to biomass Ronan Group Renewables delivered a 3.6 MW Biomass project for the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel in Wicklow giving the property access to clean affordable heat. More details here.

The Ritz Carlton