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About Ronan Group Renewables

A passion for the planet

Ronan Group Renewables has been at the forefront of the renewable energy sector in Ireland since its first inception in 1990. The company ethos has been driven by a genuine commitment to creating a more sustainable future for our planet and generations to come. 

Founded by Conor Ronan the group began its journey in the renewable sector when Conor first started investing in forestry, the original renewable energy resource. 

Conor Ronan and his daughter Michaela Ronan on site at another exciting Ronan Renewable Group venture.

The group quickly identified the opportunity in Irelands fledging wind energy sector in the mid 90’s and developed numerous wind energy projects across the country with multiple wind farm developments, including some of Irelands largest projects. 

Today Ronan Group Renewables are directly and indirectly responsible for 200 MW of installed capacity across its on shore assets. 

“From our onshore operations alone we are delivering clean energy to over hundreds of thousands of homes across Ireland saving Tonnes of Co2’s from emanating into the environment”, says Conor. 

Building on this experience Conor Ronan OffShore wind first invested, through Hazelshore Ltd. in Ireland’s off shore wind energy market in 1999 at a time when the technology seemed a still distant reality. 

The project was granted licences to develop the Codling Wind Farm off the Wicklow coastline. 

It is the most ambitions off shore wind farm project in Ireland and will see a record for foreign direct investment in the country with potential to generate up to a third of the country’s domestic needs. 

In 2020 the Codling Farm attracted investment by French utility EDF. 

Home installation wind turbine

“EDF’s arrival in Ireland as a strategic investor and partner in the Codling project is a crucial step in delivering on our vision.  This is a strong endorsement of the path Ireland is on towards the 2030 renewable energy targets, set out in the Climate Action Plan, and a validation of Hazel Shore’s significant investment and hard work over almost two decades.  With capital expenditure to exceed €3 billion, the Codling project will represent by far the single greatest amount of FDI Ireland has ever attracted.” said Conor.

Conor Ronan Offshore wind will retain an equity based interest in Codling alongside their other Irish holdings in the sector.

A spokesman for EDF Renewables said, “This important project clearly strengthens our strong ambition to be a leading global player in the offshore wind industry. This is consistent with the CAP 2030 strategy that aims to double EDF’s renewable energy generation by 2030 and increase it to 50 GW net”.

Today Ronan Group Renewables are focussed on the opportunity off the West Coast of Ireland which has the richest wind resource in the world. 

“The wind industry has now gained an unstoppable momentum across the globe. Improvements in technology mean wind power is now cheaper than fossil fuels. And in Ireland we have the best wind resources in the world.” – Conor Ronan

With conservative estimates suggesting up to 75,000 MW of power will come from floating turbines off Irelands west coast the Ronan Group is again at the forefront of the next big wave in the renewable energy sector.